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iCute 0408SL-5G1-BB Case Review

Wheeww.. its been sometimes since I’ve been in the mood for blogging. Just too exhausted at work and no mood to do any other work after working hours. I have been taking many pictures of gadgets and hardwares for review, but they have been left there on the storage and no writings made yet.

Anyway, let me share with you one of the best iCute casing that I have laid my hands on. Its the iCute 0408SL Series, under 5G1 model. 5G1 refers to the model with large fan by the side panel, while 4GA refers to the transparent side panel with 12cm fan.

0408SL case, has a large intake fan by the front part, where it provides best ventilation and great outlook. Not only with large fan, it is embedded with blue LEDs to make it much cooler.

By the side panel, exists connectors such as 2 USB ports, Audio Jack, Microphone Jack, IEEE1394 Firewire jack and fan Controller. Continue reading iCute 0408SL-5G1-BB Case Review

iCute Super 18 High Tower Case Review

iCute has been known for their good casing quality, and also what I have been using since 2000. I still have my old iCute with me here, super heavy and you can’t even carry it with one hand. Thanks to the AcBel PSU which makes it even heavier. 🙂

So, being one reselling iCute, and I got an order for Super-18 Case which is the high tower and used for server or gaming rigs. The code for it is S18-5G1-BB. The moment when the case arrives, I got amazed on how big the box is. It is huge…

Without waiting any longer, I open up the box and took the case out for a quick glance and thorough review. This particular model came with 22cm side Panel Fan which is noiseless and definitely helps a lot in ventilating the case.

Here is one angle view to share with you all… Continue reading iCute Super 18 High Tower Case Review