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Casing Cantik untuk Intel Atom dari CFI

So, its been an era for Mini-ITX now, and slowly everyone will be looking for their dream HTPC. And for HTPC, casing is very crucial and the barebone that came with it.

As you can see from the recent Computex in Taipei, a lot of new Intel Atom based nettops has been available and more we are waiting for the NVidia Ion Platform to be in the market soon. Talking bout Mini-ITX, I got through this cute mini-ITX case from Taiwan, under brand: CFI. We called it CFI Cube to sound like the shape. You can easily find it out through Google by that name.

From outside, this casing has fine glossy finish and has a plastic coating, which probably used for the shipping protection.

Front side there is 1 drive bay, USB slots and audio jacks. And notice the PSU Cable which is connected to the rear and neatly tucked at the side.

From the back, there is one small fan to suck out the heat from the casing. This is definitely not enough if we were going to use the machine in an unconditioned room and for the whole day. With this, I came to think of modifying the case for better ventilation. Still figuring what can be added in. Continue reading Casing Cantik untuk Intel Atom dari CFI