Review Toshiba Portege T210 – 11.6″ Terbaru

Okay, this has been sometimes, and this post suppose to be up few months back. Just because I’m too lazy to work it on. So, here we are at the latest Toshiba Portege T210, an upgraded version from T110. I would say this is much better and if I could, I would replace my T130 with this T210 or T230 for the 13.3″ version.

Specifications wise, it is no longer running in Intel SU Celeron or Dual Core, instead it is replaced by the newer processor the Intel U5400. The review unit is having Intel Pentium U5400 1.2 GHz, 2 GB DDR3, 320 GB HDD, 11.6″ WXGA LED Backlit Display, Bluetooth, Wifi, Card Reader, HDMI, Windows 7 Home Premium 32 Bit, Webcam with Smart Face Technology.

The Item code is T210-1001 / 1002R / 1011W / 1012U. Each code represents different color, and this is for Indonesia Market. Not sure if Singapore or Malaysia’s Market is having the same Item Code.

Lets start with the review shall we? The cover is now has some texture prints on it.

The corners are curvier and the base corner are surrounded with chrome lace. Ports available on the right side are Microphone + Headphone Jack, 2 x USB 2.0 Ports, VGA Out, Ethernet Jack, and Kensington Lock port.

On the left are Power plug, ventilation holes, HDMI Port, USB+ESata combo Port, and an SD Card Reader.

I love this curve. It makes it so elegant and sexy.

Still as slim as ever.

The back..

The front…

The inside and top view. Notice the change? The base is now in silver metallish texture now, and its now using Chicklet Keyboard. Plus points there. Its sexy outside, Macho inside.

Few more shots of the whole unit…

Closer look at the texture prints

Corners are round, inside with meshy texture

The LEDs indicator on the right side

Some features that come along…

Touchpad is bigger and glossy.

Chicklet Keyboard, very comfortable.

And here are more shots of the notebook from different angles.

And here are some shots of the White Color variant; the Luxe Pearl White.

Overall, this unit is slim, battery last quite long up to 11 hours, Design improved a lot, keyboards are comfy, RAM is big enough and it comes free bundle with external DVD-RW. Price wise, in Indonesia it cost around Rp. 7.290.000-7.390.000 or about USD 820 (rate of 9000). Recommended for those seeking portable notebook, slim, longer lasting battery life, and at the same time brings good performance.

2 thoughts on “Review Toshiba Portege T210 – 11.6″ Terbaru”

  1. I’m using dis notebook and m just to point out that the battery life is not come to 11 hours as u mentioned.. It lasts up to 4 hours only for a fully charged batt.. Just wondering where you get the batt. info from? Correct me if m wrong…

  2. 4 hours of doing what? For your information, 11 hours is based on Toshiba’s laboratory test, and tested on running basic applications, and not doing heavy multitasking.

    If you are saying 4 hours of movie screening, that’s possible, or 4 hours of gaming with internet connection / WiFi switched on. And 11 hours is when you are turning the Eco Utility On. We post things based on the specifications and research FYI. Thank You.

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