Altec Lansing Moondance Glow iM402 iPod Speaker

Happy weekend people. Its been a busy weeks, and tiring one too, or maybe I am just slacking off here. We gonna take a look at my trusty iPod + Radio + Alarm Clock Speaker by Altec Lansing here.

Altec Lansing Moondance Glow iM-402 cost about Rp. 1.600.000 or USD 175 at the posting time. Pretty worth it for such featured speaker. Stereo Speaker, Alarm Clock, Remote, Snooze button, Mood Lights, 4 presets Radio Channels, and more we are going to share below.

Lets start with the unboxing. Opening up the box, brings you the user guide and warranty card.

Multiple power head for different countries, which might not get to used unless you travel a lot. Apparently, I only used one of it, which is for Asia.

It also comes with multiple ipod dock sizes to suit your iPod sizes.

Radio antenna cable.

The tiny remote controller, which is nice looking, but I wish it is LED backlit though, so I can see the remote in the dark, prolly with the lights out, and the mood lights on.

Here is the power adapter, with the special head connector to facilitates different power head.

And finally, the speaker it self. From the picture, it might seems a little big and hard to imagine how big it is. But when you got your hands on it, its quite small, but POWERFUL. You know what I mean.

Two drivers, one at each side, which is big enough, and covered with mesh grills. Pretty solid looking.

On the top right, we got the Clock, Alarm indicator, and also served as the track display.

The iPod dock is nicely placed in the middle, and can be hid inside and pushed out when going to be use.

It sits nicely to my iPod Nano, and looks good isn’t it?

On top of it, there lies all the buttons, which is touch sensitive and LED backlit. It need some manual reading in order to understand how to use each button. Some requires holding and pressing for few seconds to trigger some functions. Reading the Manual and trying it out for few times, got me used to it.

The side panel is covered with stainless like bezel. Make it even more solid looking.

At the back of it, there lies the FM antenna port, Aux Port for connecting to external devices, DC In Port to the adapter, Snooze Remote port which I didnt get it in my purchase, perhaps different parts for different countries, and the Clock Button to set the Clock and the others.

And here’s more pics of the speakers from different angles. Amazed?

Sound Quality? Its great, loud enough for the room or even a hall, and bass is compromised here, no lacking behind. The mood lighting is nice, with lots of colors to choose from depending on your mood. Its best located on the corner of the room. Its Worth It!

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