Review Netbook HP Mini 210

A quick look at HP Mini 210, one of the best seller here in Riau, especially the Linux version. Linux and Windows XP version comes in Black only, while the Windows 7 comes in Silver, Blue and Red.

We are going to take a look at the black unit for now. Linux series we are referring to is HP Mini 210-1014TU, with 3 cells battery, 1 GB DDR2 RAM, 160 GB HDD, no Bluetooth, Wifi, Card Reader and Linux Operating System.

Blackie is pretty simple and covered with glossy black case. For Windows XP version that comes with 6 cells battery, it is popping out from the back. Too bad HP didn’t get rid of this design flaw like other brands were doing by trimming the battery and readjusting the shape from not popping out through the back.

The power button is on the right side by pulling, it is beside the card reader slot. Then we got ventilation holes, two USB 2.0 Ports, a covered ethernet port (its nice to have such slot with cover as nowadays we use them less, thanks to Wifi), and a kensington lock at the corner.

Look at how much angle the battery has brought the netbook up.

On the other end, there are VGA ports, ventilation holes again, another USB ports, and a headphone Jack. Lots of ventilation holes, as this netbook might get hot too from long usage time.

Speakers at the front…

Clean back, with no screws and opening at all, making it hard to upgrade the Harddisk and RAM.

The 6-cells battery. Hope HP is producing better batteries nowadays, as I have encountered plenty battery problems in the older notebook series.

Looking inside the battery compartment, we see a non-active SIM-card slot. I guess all of them are designed to have built-in modem by default, but the internal parts were removed for some models.

Look at that orange lever? I was told that by pulling that, you can open up the inside of the netbook. But never able to do so. Maybe when I have some HP Mini 210 that are out of warranty.

The model and serial numbers are printed inside the battery compartment.

curvy edges, and thin edges on the LCD.

Normal webcam on the middle…

Quick Start applications which is available in Windows XP and Windows 7 versions. Some might find it really usefull for quick browsing and checking e-mails or doing some music or movie playbacks. But I guess the users here hardly use it.

The power button is powered up by White LEDs, and almost everything in HP Mini 210 is in white LEDs.

A touchpad with buttons embedded, and an orange LED indicators of the On/Off State of the touchpad. Its quite hard when you want to use two fingers for the scrolling and clicking at the same time.

Pretty spaced out keyboard keys, and comfortable enough.

The quick launch buttons on the functions row. The F1 to F12 printout is too small and grey is just too dark. Can’t see it clearly when working in dimmed lights environment.

One nice thing that you can set the Fn button to be activated or the other way around by pressing the Fn key combination. And Capslock button has LED indicator too. Nice.

Side view of HP Mini 210

Top View of HP Mini 210 with LED Backlit Screen

HDD processes LED indicator by the left side

and few more shots of the keyboard…

So, overall, this HP mini 210 is better than the predecessor and lots improved, apart from the battery which has no different in shape. Windows 7 series have the LCD screen fully glass covered, making it more elegant than the other siblings. HP mini 210-1014TU is the best seller due to its cheap price tag, and HP mini 210-1064, 1065 and 1066TU were the nice colored choices with better screens and bigger harddisk @ 250 GB. Its worth it if you love the design. Touch Pad isn’ always user friendly and you would need Click Lock here to help you. But I never like Click Lock though, as I have gotten used to using touchpad with two fingers. As of the design, I still prefer the HP mini 210-1066TU the blue one. Its my choice if I were to get one. What is your favourite colours?

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