Review Notebook Slim Toshiba Portege T130

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Previously we talked about Toshiba Portege Slim T110; the 11-inchers, so now we take a look at the 13-inchers. Its the same long battery life, HDD protection, and Power Saving Eco Utility functionality capable notebook.

But the 13-inchers are powered by more powerful Intel processors, like Intel Dual Core SU, and Core 2 Duo SU processors.

Same chrome covered LED indicators by the middle…

Same slimness and corner design…

Same texture design, only thing it has White for the 13-inchers. That makes it more beautiful. I got the Red one. The moment I saw the White one, I regret that I go for the Red one instead. Red can be boring after sometimes, but White, will stays elegant all the time, unless you dirtied it.

Well, we shall take a look at the white version in a moment… but let me show you my mighty mouse first.

Here we are at the White Toshiba Portege Slim T130

All white, including the keyboard, while in Red one, the keyboard is Black.

Lets take further look from different angles of this White T130

same keyboard, only different colour, and its glossy, so it won’t get dirty easily comparing to the matte finish like in my Macbook. And of course easier to clean.

Same old features as the other siblings…

Same LED Backlit LCD Screen…


And way elegant than any other colors I have seen in this Toshiba Portege Slim Series.

Few more photos from different angles, with Apple’s Magic Mouse…

So, this marks the end of Portege Slim series. We have an insight of the 11-inchers (T110) and here the 13-inchers (T130), unless we get a further upgrades from Toshiba soon. Hope you all enjoy this, and we gonna have more reviews on further Toshiba Notebooks, Acer new Aspire 4741 notebook, and the others coming too. Stay tuned and don’t forget to provide us your support. You know what I mean. :)

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