Ulasan Notebook Toshiba Portege Slim Series T110

Toshiba Portege Slim Series has been out for quite sometimes, featuring slim design, long hours of battery life up to 11 hours, and has 11″ and 13.3″ size to choose from. For now, we will take look at the 11″ version and we shall go through the 13.3″ later on the next post.

There are two colours to choose from, which are Red and Black. Red is the most favorite one and best seller. Lets start by looking at different angles of this Portege T110. The configuration I have is T110-P134R, with Intel Pentium SU2700 1.3 GHZ, 2 GB DDR3 RAM and 320 GB HDD with Shock Absorber.

The front middle has all the LEDs indicator that you need, be it battery, charging, harddisk, Memory Card, Wifi, Zoom and NumPad.

On the left we have VGA Out port, ventilation holes, SD Card Reader, HDMI and a single USB Port.

On the Right, is the power connector, Ethernet Jack, two USB 2.0 Ports, Microphone and headphone jack. Pretty basic connectors we have here, and with minimum of three USB 2.0 Ports. HDMI port is the plus point, but I guess not many of us will make use of it. At least for me, not until I get my first LCD TV for my room.

On the cover, its glossy surface, with checkered pattern printed on top.


The side edges are curvy slim, with the base surrounded by chrome ring.

On the lower case’s left, there lies the Portege logo, but too bad it does not have LED backlit in it, like the other Portege premium series. If its lighted up, it would be way elegant and eye catching.

So, you will get this sticker on every T110 you bought, stating the main reason why you choose this machine over the others. Long battery life up to 11 hours, HDD protection with 3D motion sensor, and Power Saving Eco Utility to prolong your machine’s life and the battery life.

Overal design is minimalist elegant with the chrome borders. Size is nice, just right for the long hours use and do not tired your eyes, compare to using 10″ netbook running 1024 x 600 resolution.

Keyboards are standard size, flat, and not chiclet type. Too bad, we prefer chiclet keyboard. The keyboard feels kinda soft and not stable. Space bar is not perfect, as if when you press on the edge of each side, it will not detect the press, so you have to press towards the middle of the space bar for it to work. This one, I am not that convenient with, and considering I have been using Macbook’s chiclet keyboard for so long, chiclet is always the best.

Here, we have a touchpad which is not multi-gestures capable, but with scroll function on the right. But there is now a get-around for the multi-gestures capability, is by installing an additional application from Synaptics which allows your touchpad to sensor any multitouch gestures. Pretty helpful at least, with two fingers scrolling which I use the most.

On top bar, Power Button is Lighted with green LED, and there is no other buttons on top. Well, like I said, its minimalist.

LCD is really thin, and its connected to the core by just two bars. Can be easily broken if you do not take good care of it.

Just to show you how thin this machine is, in comparison with my fingers.

Well, that’s all that we can take a look at this Toshiba Portege T110 series. Its quite a good machine and good buy if you get it during promotion which entitles you a free external DVD-RW. For small market like my place, its quite hard to get it going smooth, especially if people now are looking more towards cost friendly notebooks instead. But for those not having matter with the price tag, and looking for a simple machine on the go, this is the one. I personally will choose this, but I go for the 13.3″ version, the T130, considering we work on it the whole day and not even 50% on the go, so 13.3″ is better with higher processors speed and bigger screen size.

Stay tuned for more updates from us with some food blogs and gadgets review.

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