Review Notebook Toshiba Satellite M500-S432 Touch Screen Core i3 terbaru

Here we go guys on the latest Satellite M500 from Toshiba that features Intel Core i3 processor and Touch Screen LED LCD. I guess, its the era for touch screen and tablet experience. Okay, lets get it started from the key features and classification of Satellite M500; slowly down to each corner to see what we got in this powerful machine.

M500 is classified as Premier Series here, as they often came with great specs and better design that suits certain enthusiasts and executives who needs powerful machine. It came with PowerSaving Eco Utility to have longer lasting battery life, HDD protection against shock with their 3D motion Sensor, Sleep and Charge USB cum eSata port to supply power to your USB gadgets while your notebook is OFF.

Next, its the era of Intel Core technologies with Core i3 and further down with Core i5 and Core i7. We have Core i3 here in this machine which is suppose to be faster than Core 2 Duo processors.

M500-S532 is preloaded with Windows 7 Home Premium.

Design wise, it is covered with chrome lace all over the corners, and as we can see here, the satellite word is LED backlite to make it looked elegant.

Even the click buttons were chromed. In between the left and right click buttons, lays the finger print scanner for better security. So, this machine as finger print reader for one of its security, and face recognition utility for another security.

At the front part, we got the Wireless On/Off Switch, and further to the left is the Card Reader.

Towards the front right end, we got all the LEDs indicators. The fact that all of them came with silver LEDs, they make it way more elegant. I’m loving it.

A great machine will not be great if it is not equipped with a great sound system. As always, Toshiba premier series came equipped with Harman/Kardon speakers. They are excellent in sound quality and power. I guarantee you won’t be bored with the in-built speakers in this machine.

A deeper look inside the speaker’s grill. You see the powerful speakers in there? Did you see that?

To add on more to the elegant look, we have LED backlit touch panels for the Quick Access buttons like playback and volume buttons. All with Silver LEDs as well.

On the upper left, we got the Power Button with LED backlit as well, and a PowerSaving Button to trigger the On/Off of the PowerSaving Eco Utility.

Another features that most of us will find it a necessity is the touchpad with On/Off functions. So, you can turned off the touchpad by just a press of button above it. Also, the touchpad is quite smooth to use, although some might find it too small for them. They wanted something bigger like Macbook’s new glass touchpad.

Lets look at the right side to see what we got. DVD-RW, two USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet Port, and the modem port which has been removed due to low demand nowadays, Power slot, and the Kensington lock port.

Towards the left side, we got Express Card slots on top, Headphone and Microphone jacks below, USB 2.0 port, USB-eSata Combo Port, and a HDMI port. Following it is the ventilation hole.

and a VGA out port. 🙂

Apart from these great features and design, we will take a look further on the specifications that came in this Satellite M500-S432 later on at the end of this post. First, we take an all-rounder look on the Toshiba Satellite M500-S432 first. Its thick. Yes… Its THICK. But still bearable for some who needs more on power and not so mobile with this machine.

The LCD is thick as well, with chrome cover all around the sides. Perhaps its thicker due to its touch screen capabilities.

As on its cover, M500-S432 came in one color only, that is metallic black. Toshiba logo is printed silver on it, and back with thin grey curvy lines.

Picture above is the better angle looking at the cover. Looked elegant and simple.

Picture taken together with my new Apple wireless Magic Mouse.

This is the front view, revealing all the LEDs all over. Too bright isn’t it? If you are working at night with all these LED’s lit, you won’t need a supporting light to help you see. haha

Wanna know how thick the LCD is? Half of my thumb width. 😛

And the base thickness? its quarter of my index finger. 😛

For the keyboard, its flat, original size, just like the Satellite L510-S407 and S4017B. Quite convenient to type on still.

So, after all, this machine is mainly for those seeking powerful machine with nice design. Here is the full specs for your information:

Intel Core i3-330M 2.13 GHz
500 GB Harddisk Drive (SATA)
DVD-RW multi DL
14″ WXGA LED backlit + touchscreen display
Nvidia GeForce GT310 Graphics (512MB VRAM Ext)
Wireless 802.11b/g
FingerPrint scanner
Internal Modem (removed)
1.3 MP Webcam
Windows 7 Home Premium

Price wise, its about Rp. 13.000.000 (appx. USD 1.390). Note: Price may varies on different locations. This is just an estimated price, not too much and not too less. So, if you have your budget for this, and you need a powerful machine with great design, this is the one. Of course not for mobility though.

For mobility, you can take a look at a better option in Toshiba, on the Satellite E200/E205 Model. Its SUPERB!!!

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