Brother MFC-6490CW World’s First A3 MultiFunction Printer Review

Brother MFC-6490CW World’s First A3 Multi Function Inkjet Printer Review.

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Yeah, as you can read from the title, World’s First A3 Multi Function Inkjet printer. Its amazing to be able to get all functions in one machine, print, scan, copy, fax, pc fax that supports A3 paper size. I do warn you first, this post contains lots of pictures and if you are on low bandwidth internet access, take this in mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

Take a look at my Mighty Mouse sitting on top of this Great machine.

Lets start with this Auto Document Feeder tray on top, adjustable and supports A3 paper size of course.

Also, check out this control panel with all sorts of useful buttons and they are all easy to recognize and control.

On the left side, there goes the numeric pad, Fax controls and phonebook memory buttons.

In the middle, between two control panels, there goes the large colour LCD screen for pictures editing, menu display and all the controls were reflected here.

Now, this is the cartridge holder, with door of course. This is special in Brother’s range of printers, as all their cartridges were located in front, and can be opened and replace even without turning on the printer.

below the control panels, we have Memory Cards reader which supports SD card, MicroStick, and XD.

Also, not forgetting CF card slot for professional photographers out there. So, you see, this A3 multifunction printer from Brother is really great machine for professionals in need.

And also, a USB port for Digital Camera direct printing.

Here is a shot showing the two available paper trays, for you to differentiate the paper type you are going to use, so that you don’t have to change paper in the tray very often.

On the back, available connectors are Power Cable, Modem/Phone jack for Fax.

And for the front paper loading mechanism, there is always a back door to remove jammed paper.

And this is the flatbed scanner, supports up to A3 paper size. First time seeing such a big flatbed scanner

For the connectivity, you have to open up the printer’s middle part, and you will be shown the USB and Ethernet port, each for the connectivity. Ethernet for the Network attachment, and USB for direct PC connection. MFC-6490CW also has the Wireless connectivity which is set on the control panel itself.

Curious how Brother’s printer moves their print head and how they get through the ink while the cartridge stays in front? They use a piping technique, and the head is totally sealed and secured to prevent drying out of ink.

More shots from different angles. The LCD panel is adjustable for easier viewing pleasure.

The buttons are rubbery feel and some has Lighting.

Sample screen display…

With the CISS (infus) installed. Look at thattt….. how amazing the CISS cartridge is. Designed specially for Brother, complete with the Door’s holder.

And just for another size realization, I have put a new Acer Aspire One 531h Slim on top of it.

And the most important thing in Brother’s rule of Cartridge, always re-insert the cartridge’s hole holder whenever you are transporting your printer or not going to use it for long time. It prevents the ink from spilling out and also air to enter the print head. Correct me if I am wrong. ๐Ÿ™‚

And lastly, a print out test using Canon Ixus 65 direct print via USB, and ink using the CISS.

The paper type used is Inkjet Paper 110g. For 230g paper, try to use the second tray, and if thicker, it might not be able to pull the paper up.

So, overall, this is a 100% must get A3 Multifunction printer. The first in the world and with good value. Sold about USD 470 in Indonesia, and prices may varies by countries. Suitable for professional photographer, designer, artist, architect, printing shop and perhaps for your office or home? Why not!

With high quality ink from Brother, if you can sustain the original ink cost, you can produce perfect colour and quality print out. And, for all the available connectivity options and the input source, Brother MFC-6490CW is the most complete one you can have. All in One place, that you no longer need to purchase different machines for different purpose. All Rounder with a good price is always the best choice. Good luck and “Brother at Your Side” always. ๐Ÿ™‚

62 thoughts on “Brother MFC-6490CW World’s First A3 MultiFunction Printer Review”

  1. setelah saya cari2 service center ga ada di daerah saya, kalau saya hitung2 biayanya sama kaya beli printer baru… ada solusi ga Om..???

  2. ada yg jual printhead brother???

    susah sekali mencari printhead printer satu ini..ckckck
    kapok saya jual printer ini.. ada monopoly, tidak dijual bebas.. kek narkoba aja.. cpd…

  3. gang bgm ngatasi masalah ini
    sy punya print MFC-6490CW masalahnya pada hasil print banyak bercak2 hitam di sekitar huruf pada lembar 2-3 dst, saya sdh cb clean tp tetap muncul bgm mangatasinya ya…
    trims atas solusi n salam kenal

  4. fajar: kalau hanya di lembar ke 2 ke atas, bisa jadi head sudah tidak bagus lagi. Ada kebocoran halus kemungkinan.

  5. Kertas fotonya kurang lentur atau padat. Coba ganti dengan yang lebih bagus, dan tidak bisa hanya 1 lembar di taruh di 1 tray. Pastikan lebih dari 1 lembar, kira2 10 lembar di tumpuk, biar bisa di tarik.

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