Toshiba New Satellite L510 Series Notebook Review

Toshiba last month has launched their new series of notebooks, ranging from L510, M900 and M500, which came after NB200 netbook which has the colors complete now in stock.

Laid my hands on this new series of L510, which has better design, slightly smaller size, and better performance of course. All the processors that came with it has been upgraded, from T6400 to T6500, T4200 to T4300 now. So, its much better now.

On the design part, it has more textures now, with similar design to Satellite M300 series. And of course more elegant. Its Toshiba.

For connectivity, it is equipped with two USB ports, 1 modem port on the right where the DVD-RW is located.

A Double Layer DVD-RW is a necessity now and a must have for any notebook.

On the left side, exists the VGA port, Ethernet port, HDMI port, eSata + USB combo port, Headphone and Microphone jack. About the eSata + USB combo port, this is very convenient and good combination. If you don’t use the eSata port, you can use the USB. So, it makes this machine has 3 USB ports which is also a Must have for a good notebook.

And not forgetting the Express Cards slot which is missing in some other brands. Toshiba did maintain this in their notebook, although it might not be put into use most of the times.

For the LED indicators, most of them are located on the front panel, such as Charging LED, Power LED, Battery Indicator, HDD indicator and Memory Card indicator.

Also not leaving the Card Reader slot, Volume control button and Wireless Indicator LED. These are also on the front part.

Since the model I am reviewing here is the L510-S401, that features Intel Core 2 Duo, it has this new Intel Centrino sticker. Nothing special.

And here is a sticker showing all the new features, and the Display screen is 14.0″ now. So, it has better viewing pleasure.

The quick access buttons are pretty standard, just like the previous L310 series.

And a speaker on each side of the notebook, that provides quite a fine sound quality.

And the same old keyboard in Satellite L310, which is kinda nice to type on.

And finally the standard 0.3 MP webcam. Nothing so special about this.

Overall, Toshiba Satellite L510 has better design, better specifications with better performance, better connectivity, and finally, good for all-rounder type of notebook. Suitable for almost anyone who needs a simple notebook that has almost every feature.

For Core 2 Duo version, it came with Bluetooth, whilst the Intel Dual Core Version does not have Bluetooth. Another version that came with Windows Vista Home Premium built in, has better graphics than standard Intel GMA 4500 MHD. It came with ATI Radeon HD4630 with up to 1023MB graphics memory. The rest is only slight difference in RAM and Harddisk size.

For value for money purchase, L510-P401 featuring Intel Dual Core is a good buy. For all rounder purchase, L510-S401 is good for its specifications and its price tag too. For better graphics and complete licensing with Windows, L510-S432 is what you should get, with a slightly extra price.

Out of all, Toshiba Satellite L510 is a great notebook that suits almost everyone, with their three different configurations. The choice is up to you now. Cheers.

By the way, kalau kaga ngerti yang gue tulis di sini, translate aja di Google Translator. Cheers.

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  1. Did you guys deal with spare parts for satellite L510 the one in the picture.


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