Toshiba NB200 Tech Update – Battery Life Problem & Touchpad Not Responding when Charging

Hello folks, some new info and updates to share with you all who are going to get Toshiba NB200, or currently is using NB200 your own and met some poor battery life, or not functioning touchpad when battery is charging? This might be related to this quoted problem:

About USB Sleep And Charge Function On NB200

When the NB200’s USB Sleep and Charge function is enabled, the battery power will be consumed even if system were to be either Shutdown or in Hibernation mode. Such kind of system behavior is normal. This is not a battery or hardware malfunction. This behavior happens even if there are no external USB devices connected to the system.
If user wants to overcome this system behaviour without disabling the USB Sleep and Charge function, the following can be suggested:-
1. Disable USB Sleep and Charge function when NB200 is in battery mode. In this option, USB device charging is only possible when NB200 is connected with a AC adaptor.
2. Enable/disabled when USB Sleep and Charge function is needed.

And how to do this easily? Download this new Utility from Toshiba here. or Go to this link below:

This is the USB Sleep And Discharge Utility and this is the use: This utility is able to either enable or disable the USB Sleep and Charge function. It also shows the positions of USB ports that support the USB Sleep and Charge function and displays the battery’s remaining capacity.

That is the cause when you only get your NB200 to run on battery power for 1-2 hours only, instead of 4 hours as stated. And for some, there might be this touch pad not responding when charger is plugged in. This has gotten me into big problem as well, that caused my stock to stuck for 2 months now. Anyway, lets hope this will be the solution to the problems you all NB200 users faced out there. And hope this post is useful.

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