Samsung S1 and S2 External Harddisk Review

Samsung has always been known for their great design taste and quality. So, apart from their great LCDs, they did provide nice external harddisk too. Sometimes back, Samsung has launched their exclusive external harddisk range such as S1 and S2 with USB on board technology. Meaning it is much smaller than any other external harddisk you can find (that is using additional board for their connection). So, lets start with Samsung S2. I have to remind you ahead, that this post consists of more than 30 pictures, and for those on limited bandwidth, beware. ๐Ÿ™‚

Its all started from my attempt to look for 500 GB 2.5″ external harddisk to add on to my existing 3.5″ WD My Book Home Edition II. So, I bought this Samsung S2 after various consideration and comparison. It might cost slightly more than the other harddisk like WD Passport Essential or Seagate FreeAgent Go, but it’s worth it I can say. So, these are the few teasers shots from the dummy unit showing the front, back and the close up shot.

Nice details on the case. I really love this sleek design and pattern.

And now revealing what I bought for myself, the largest space available in the S2 series.

There are four different colours to choose from, each are named accordingly to the nearest color similarities, such as Wine Red, Snow White, Piano Black and Chocolate Brown. My top choice is Wine Red and it has been my best seller so far.

When you open up the box, it reveals the shiny harddisk enclosure, just like when you are opening a diamond ring’s box. ๐Ÿ™‚

When you hold it up, it just fits nicely on your hand, although it feels slightly fatter. Though I have pretty short fingers. The weight is light enough to be carried around. As for the smaller size compared with other brands of external Harddisk, Samsung S2 is slightly shorter due to their USB On Board technology. This is a plus point for those looking for much smaller external harddisk.

Now let me show the two different colors comparison, which both got into my hard consideration in selecting which to get.

And here is the view from the side, showing different side case color.

Now the back that is designed to look similar to leather case, but which its a plastic. And the label showing the size of the HDD plus some FCC ID.

And sadly, only one connectivity available, that is USB 2.0. I wish they had firewire too, so I can hook it up to my mac easily.

After the harddisk is removed from the box, then comes the accessories compartment, which is packed nicely beneath it.

So, what’s beneath the harddisk box? The USB mini to USB 2.0 cable…

The luxury leather pouch, with colors according to the harddisk’s color…

and the Quick Start Guide…

Look at how nice the leather pouch and the harddisk come into each other. They are born to be together. ๐Ÿ™‚

And sorry, I couldn’t resist from taking and showing more teaser shots of the full package. ๐Ÿ™‚

and now lets look into more details of how fit the harddisk when inserted into the leather pouch. Its perfect. Only that you will need to reshape the leather pouch according to the line trace on the pouch itself.

And of course its has Samsung’s logo on it. Its exclusive I told you. Now you see it? ๐Ÿ™‚

So, from the look of it, did you see any LED indicators? No right? Me neither. But only when I connected it without the leather pouch, I saw this blue LED line just before the USB connector. Yeah.. there it is.. Hidden and still great location to have the LED indicator on.

And then comes this tiny Samsung S1 which only sized at 1.8″. Its pretty small that you can even put it into your shirt’s pocket. Oh I like it so much that I feel like getting one too. We will look into it slightly later.

Now lets take a peek at the Chocolate brown S2 with its Brown Leather case. Its just so elegant huh!

So, lets look at the S1 together with the three different colors of S2.

And here is the Snow White S2. Not so clear picture though as the lighting is distracted. But if taken with much lighting, the Samsung’s logo will disappear and blended into the light reflections. ๐Ÿ™‚ Only for the Snow White, the back case is in white as well. So, its totally white. Fits perfectly for mac users. I still chose red because I just like it striking. ๐Ÿ™‚ Too much white can be boring too sometimes.

And the rest will be the line up pictures showing the Samsung S2 three colours with S1 side by side from different angles. And lastly, for the USB cable provided, only in 500 GB space it is using 1 – 2 branch cables, probably to make sure the harddisk will receive enough power when connected to older PCs. Nevertheless, I have tested the 500 GB with single USB cable from WD harddrives, and it is working nicely.

And to add on, the S1 only has 1 space size available, that is 120 GB. Probably more than enough if you were to use it for your work stuffs and some musics for on the go use. ๐Ÿ™‚ But the price can be as much as a 320 GB Samsung S2. Even more. ๐Ÿ™‚

And here is the Samsung S1 in comparison with my HTC Touch phone.

Follows by the S1 and S2…

The thickness comparison between S1 and S2, which differs only by few millimeters.

And the last pictures, showing two different sizes difference: 2.5″ and 1.8″. You could have been amazed if you holded the Samsung S1 by yourself, and you probably would want it straight if you have the budget on hand.

Lastly, to add on to such great harddisk, Samsung eqipped it with few free softwares like Auto Backup application and Secret Zone. Both are for Windows sadly. Since I’m on Mac, I couldn’t test both apps, but the Auto Backup and Secret Zone seems pretty usable.

In conclusion, this is definitely an external harddisk that suits people with extra budget and looking for stylish gadgets to add on to their existing hardwares. Some people even though of it as a new phone, or even a Blackberry. Seriously, its a luxury item that catches everyone’s eyes. So, do take a really good care of it, else it could be the victim of snatch thief. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just a word of caution though.

Looking at it everyday will not bored you. Even I resist from using it much. Just kept it there for constant data backup. Perhaps also for my portable movies storage, so I could watch them anywhere I want.

A little bonus for everyone, the full specs for Samsung S1 and Samsung S2 as quoted from Samsung’s web:

Samsung S1

* USB On-board Technology
* The most compact size, lower power, light weight
* Two ways of backup : Scheduled or in real-time
* SecretZoneโ„ข : Secure area for my private contents
* SafetyKeyโ„ข for protecting your precious contents
* Power Saving mode : Automatically going into
* standby mode if there are 5min of inactivity
* Easy to set up, easy to use
* Capacity Gauge through tray icon (Windows O/S)
* 3-year full warranty

Target Application
* External storage

* External : S1 Mini
* Accessory : USB cable
* Downloads : Bundle software preloaded on the hard drive
* Installation : Quick Install Guide
* Support Options : Electronic User Documentation (PDF)

Drive Configuration

* Capacity : 120GB & 160GB
* Operating Systems : Windows , Mac (1)

Performance Specification
* USB 2.0 ( Max ) : 480 Mb/sec

Environmental Specifications
* Temperature / Operating : 5?C to 40?C
* Temperature / Non-operating : -20?C to 65?C

Physical Dimension
Height ( Max ) : 15 mm (0.669 in)
Width : 62 mm (3.228 in)
Length : 87 mm (4.370 in)
Weight ( Max ) : 0.091Kg (0.201 lb)

Samsung S2
Drive Configuration
* Capacity : 160GB, 250GB, 320GB, 500G
* Operating Systems : Windows , Mac (1)

Performance Specification
* USB 2.0 ( Max ) : 480 Mb/sec

Environmental Specifications
* Temperature / Operating : 5? to 40?
* Temperature / Non-operating : -20? to 65?

Physical Dimension
Height ( Max ) : 17 mm (0.669 in)
Width : 82 mm (3.228 in)
Length : 111mm (4.370 in)
Weight ( Max ) : 0.170Kg (0.375 lb

And from the specs of Samsung S1 above, we can see that there is 160 GB available, but its not out for Indonesia’s market yet. If you don’t mind the price though, its a pretty good get.


nb: Post updated

Updated Pictures: The Snow White Samsung S2. All came in White, be it the leather pouch and the USB cable.

Hey, the Blue LED came till the corner lining of the case. So it is cool to have Snow White S2 too. Its more transparent than other colors.

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