Review Toshiba NB200 Netbook ukuran 10″ yang Elegan

Toshiba has released its latest netbook labelled as NB200, the successor of NB100. NB200 is sized at 10.1″, advertised with motto “Mini Notebook Art”. Few colors are available, but currently only the Satin Brown is in the market. Coming up soon few other range like Red and White.

It came with pretty standard specifications just like any ordinary netbooks, but with additional specialties like elegant tiled keys, class of Chrome, and lines that express elegance which is added on the overall design.

The specs is Intel Atom N280 1.66 GHz, Vista Home Edition, 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM, 160 GB HDD Sata with Shock Absorbers, 10.1″ WSVGA Clear Superview TFT Display, resolution 1024 x 600, Intel GMA 950, Built in Web Camera, Bluetooth V2.1 w/ Enhanced Data Rate.

Lets start the tour. On the left, lays the Ethernet port, Audio and Microphone jacks, One USB port and the ventilation hole.

On front left corner, lays the Card Reader which came without a dummy unit. From few reviews, it seems that this slot is not user friendly.

This machine came loaded with Windows XP Home Edition SP3, and here is the new Intel Atom Sticker which is way more elegant and striking.

A closer look at the new Intel Atom sticker

On the right corner, NB200 is printed proudly there.

And follows by the LED indicators right after it. It shows almost every LEDs that you will need to know, like Power LED, Charging LED, HDD LED, Num Lock LED, Wireless LED, and few more LEDs which I am not sure what are they for. Perhaps one of them is indicator for Power Saving feature.

And here is the luxuriest part I adore the most in this netbook. The elegant Power Button with the LCD Frame.

A closer look at the Power button, the Power Sign is in blue and LED is in White, combined with the brownish high opacity button.

About its size, its slightly thinner than normal netbooks, well if you do not take Asus’s new Clamshell into the comparison though. In this case, I am comparing it with Axioo Pico.

Nowadays, no notebook or netbook can get away without a webcam. Its a must here and here is the webcam sweetly located at the normal location.

On the right side, lays two USB ports, which make it three USB ports all together. This is very convenient for netbook. And one thing, the USB ports are really tight. Its quite hard to connect USB flashdisks, Harddisk or even USB mouse. You will need a little extra push power. 🙂

And on the right side, nearer to the LCD lays the Power plug, and the notebook lock slot. Pretty standard. Notice there aren’t any modem slot found? Yeah, its not necessary nowadays and it should have been removed already and replaced with Sim Card slot for HSDPA internet connection. 🙂

Now, lets check a few shots from different angle to let you guys have a thorough feel of the netbook itself. Toshiba really maintain its luxury in this netbook and it does have a premium price too. Cost at Rp. 5.990.000, which is around SGD 900.

This is the notebook lit case, with shiny silver Toshiba logo, and Satin Brown lines.

This is the view of the Toshiba NB200 when the lid is closed.

Look at how thin it was.

The LCD lever is design neatly to fits perfectly to the base. And it allow bigger angle for tilting.

And few more shots of the design details, includes the chrome bar where the Power Button is located.

And it has a glossy LCD frame, that makes it more elegant than it looked. I like glossy finish, only that it is not friendly for outdoor use.

Now lets explore the keyboards in details. Its in Silver, and the buttons are quite small.

Nevertheless, it is still nice to type with, only that you need to get use to it more. And must not have long finger nails. 🙂

One thing is, there is this tick button which is suppose to be to the left of Number 1 button, is located right between Alt and Space Bar button. It is quite disturbing at times, and I always press it wrongly instead of pressing the Alt button.

On the top row of buttons, there are all the quick launch buttons which can be activated with additional press of Fn button.

A closer look at them..

And another shot of the LED indicators with few more LEDs lit up.

The trackpad is quite nice to use, only that I found it not functioning properly sometimes, which I already figured out to be the Driver’s issue. After a reinstall of driver, it went fine again.

And here are few shots of NB200 power up with their nice new wallpaper.

It came with a free notebook sleeve..

And here are few comparison shots with Axioo Pico… 🙂

Overall, this netbook has its quality look, and standard specs, and what’s more? it has Bluetooth too which some netbooks lacks. So, for the specifications, it is pretty fine. Price wise, a little more expensive, but it is still under considerable value.

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