Compaq CQ20-317TU – Notebook Elegan berukuran Kecil

Compaq, one of the used to be not so great quality of laptop, which was acquired by HP, has now become one of the favorite choice of laptops by most people.

This time, I will share on the 12″ version, which design is not much different compared with the CQ40 (the 14″). The only difference in their design is on the additional details on the shell. We shall get more detailed into that later on. And it looked much slimmer.

Specifications as follows:

    Compaq CQ20 – 317TU
    12″ WXGA Display
    Intel Core 2 DuoT6400 2.0 GHz
    2 GB DDR2, 320 GB HDD
    DVD Lightscribe Super Multi DL
    Card Reader, Wireless 802.11 b/g
    Webcam 1.3 MP, HDMI, Bluetooth

The one we are looking at here is powered by Intel Core 2 Duo processor with Lightscribe capable Super Multi Drive.

And here is the touch pad with buttons, which is way softer than CQ40. Its slightly better to use, although it might be sticky sometimes. I still prefer non glossy touch pad.

For connectivity, it is much equiped, with Express Card Slot, Card Reader, HDMI, USB ports and the standard VGA Out port.

When we look further, there is ventilation hole right before the Kensington Lock slot. This helps a lot in the ventilation and actually CQ20 is designed better to avoid heat. It does not get too hot after long usage.

And here is the square pattern on the outer shell. Its way more elegant and unique. I love HP’s trend on adding extra texture on their shell.

The metal-ish Compaq Logo…

On the left panel, there lays the Lightscribe Super Multi Drive, Ethernet port, another USB port, Power slot, and modem port.

This is the point where makes CQ20 different. The LCD is connected with two level by the side and leaving empty space in the middle, making it seems slimmer.

The small Power Button with White LED. White LED is way more elegant than Blue. I believe in that.

So, in the middle of the speaker, lays the quick access buttons, for the volume, mute, and the wireless on off button. The wireless button is combined with Bluetooth button as well. So, when you switched it on, both Wireless and Bluetooth will be on.

The Compaq Webcam, with standard quality.

A closer look at the soft buttons keyboard, and its quite easy to get use to it. Only problem is when pressing the Right Shift button, sometimes you will mistakenly press the up Arrow instead. (this applies when you are typing without looking direct at the keyboard; and that is what I did :P)

The keyboard is laid out so fit to the round angle on every corner. Making it looked nicer and different.

On the front right, lays the Audio and Microphone jack for better entertainment experience.

And on the left side, the HDD process LED.

Here is the top view, with Apple’s Mighty Mouse on top. Nice size right?

One thing is, its glossy and not fingerprint proof.

Lastly, here is the bottom of the CQ20-317TU. Pretty simple and has not much tagging. Notice the battery is quite short. Its only 3 cells though. So, battery wise, it wont last up to 6 hours though. Ventilation holes are everywhere, near the RAM slot, and near the HDD bay.

Overall, this is a best buy notebook now, and it has become one of the best seller in my place this month. Priced at around Rp. 8.300.000 or lower, depending on USD rate. Warranty wise, its international. So don’t worry on the warranty coverage part. Sad thing is, this small notebook came with the standard laptop bag from HP, which fits 14″. Perhaps there should be smaller notebook bag from HP for their twelve-inchers. On the design part, it is elegant and minimalist. Size is just nice for everyday use if this is your first notebook and you are not that particular on smaller display.

So, its a good buy with good on value for money, although the Processor is still at T6400. Next, we will take a look into Compaq CQ35 the 13.3 inchers. Coming up soon.

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