Pendrive Two Point Five External Harddisk Review

PenDrive, one famous brand from Malaysia which has been in the market for quite sometimes has continuously innovating new design and quality products. Lately, they just launched their brand new model of external harddisk in addition to the Pendrive Sense model. The new one was called Two Point Five (TPF).

It is carved with some artistic design on the case, great lights, and housed in a great case for easy carriage. As quoted from their marketing description, “PenDrive TWOPOINTFIVE (TPF) is designed for the busy mobile professionals. It comes with illuminating built-in LEDs, as well as a recyclable translucent packaging that can be used as a carrying case for the drive. Users can also be assured that their data will be protected with our distinctive omni-directional shock mounting design, which helps to reduce the effect of impact. Featuring up to 320GB of storage in a sleek, alluring and charismatic design of the PenDrive Signature Series, TPF are also bundled with a comprehensive data protection and backup software, “Carry It Easy +Plus”.”

It comes in three choices of storage space such as 160 GB, 250 GB and 320 GB. More than enough for on the go use.

The case is designed so well that it shows some quality and sleek look. Look at how glossy it was.

The top of it has some sorts of hollow area which housed the Red color status LED. It looked so cool when you use it in the dark or even in any place.

When on the go, you can leave it inside the additional enclosure for better protection from water, dust and shock.

There is a dedicated space created for the usb cable connectors to the harddisk, so you can use your Pendrive Two Point Five without having to open the enclosure.

Cost ranging from USD 67-120 depending on the storage size. Isn’t it cool? From the experience, the internal harddisk used is made by Samsung. 🙂 What’s more? It comes with three years one to one replacement warranty.

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