Sonic Gear ego3nity Speaker Review

Being a user of Altec Lansing eversince year 2000, I haven’t even actually changed my speaker at all. Yeah.. that Altec Lansing from year 2000 still around now, and pumping. Doing good and never fail.

So, that is for a great speaker with great sound, but of course you have to fork out more fund. Being back in this very town in Sumatra island – Indonesia, people don’t actually buy expensive stuffs nor even collect or follow up gadgets. Pretty sad I would say. So, for economically aware person, and who doesn’t want to sacrifice much for their comfort, this speaker is suitable for them. The Sonic Gear ego3nity. Priced ranging from Rp. 200.000 – 280.000 (USD 16), it is just nice for you to have great sound and bass for your home PC or laptop at home, and can actually satisfy your need.

The maximum sound volume is just enough, but not enough for those who are looking for a home theatre-like quality and volume.

Such a good buy and value for money. Quality wise, it does not fail on me so far yet.

In term of design, it is up-to-date and simply modernistic. Sleek, simple look, and shows some quality. Especially the Black one. Came with blue LED light on the Volume controller, moderately sized woofer, and crisp sound.

Out of all, it needs a little adjustment on the treble as it might sound too high on treble. Bass wise, it is fair enough.

Next, we will take a look at Sonic Gear’s Blue Thunder series. Particularly on the Blue Thunder 1 that I just lay my hands on. Its very impressing and gives you more freedom. Stay tuned.

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