Brands Conscious

Talking about gadgets, for some general users; that includes novice users, will more likely go for one brand that they have been hearing from people and stick to that one. Die die must get that brand.

I used to be brand conscious as well, and only go for some good brands. Of course there is a point there. Those well known brands have quality and standard. But that does not mean the others does not have standards and quality as well.

One simple example that I often meet, lets take Flashdisk for example. There are many brands of flashdisk and designs out there. Out of all these, some are expensive, some are damn cheap. As for my own preference, I will go for Sandisk. I don’t know why, its just because I like their design and their price. Back here in this small town, Sandisk can’t fit in as it is quite expensive, and people here are damn stingy. So, what fits in? Kingston. It fits in with other cheaper brands like AData, and I myself introduce to them PenDrive (from Malaysia).

So, what is your preference amongst these? You can guess. Everyone who came to my shop, will ask for Kingston first. Some can accept a change of brands providing that we show them how much differences they make. Indeed, there aren’t much differences apart from the design and the chips used. So, out of 10 people who look for Kingston, 8 of them die die must get Kingston. No matter what, eventhough other brand is more expensive or even cheaper. Let say if I were to introduce Sandisk here, the same will applies.

Unless you did some deep comparison and pro and cons of choosing this brand over the other. And that sometimes does not applies to brick headed customers who die die must get (insert a name) brand. I have been staying with this single brand for 2 months and doing good introducing it to the others who are willing to change. That applies to other products and brands as well. At least it happen the most in this town – Dumai. The need for educating the customers are really high and a must.

What will you say about Brand Conscious? I myself will think twice for other brands as long as they show some quality and impression. First impression is always the winning point.

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