Disassembling Dell Vostro’s LCD

If you have problem with your laptop’s LCD screen like some ran out colors out of sudden, and when the warranty is over, you can resort to this trial of becoming hero to your own laptop.

Its pretty easy to open this Laptop’s LCD. Locate all the rubber studs on each corner of the LCD, use ur finger nail to pull it out. It will reveals all the screws. Unscrew all, and slowly take out the front plastic case.

Be careful in handling the LCD panel, and don’t press the side. Take a yellow pages and put it behind the Laptop to rest the LCD cover. Beware of the cables connecting it to motherboard.

So, the common cause of your LCD became haywire and showing all sorts of colors and motion messing around is the cables. So, try to check the cables, align it back and try to press lightly on the cable to make sure it is not bent. After some touch here touch there action, you can rest the LCD on the back cover that is already resting on the Yellow Pages.

Now, power on your laptop to check the LCD condition. Once you confirmed it is fine, shut down. Put back everything in place and screw back. Stick back all the rubber studs to the position and Voila. Your LCD problem is solved without having to send it to service center. 🙂

It is not suggested for any laptops that are still under warranty. It will void your warranty and might spoil your LCD screen for good if you did a mistake or break anything inside recklessly. Cheers.

More pictures of every part of the LCD panel…

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