iCute Super 18 High Tower Case Review

iCute has been known for their good casing quality, and also what I have been using since 2000. I still have my old iCute with me here, super heavy and you can’t even carry it with one hand. Thanks to the AcBel PSU which makes it even heavier. 🙂

So, being one reselling iCute, and I got an order for Super-18 Case which is the high tower and used for server or gaming rigs. The code for it is S18-5G1-BB. The moment when the case arrives, I got amazed on how big the box is. It is huge…

Without waiting any longer, I open up the box and took the case out for a quick glance and thorough review. This particular model came with 22cm side Panel Fan which is noiseless and definitely helps a lot in ventilating the case.

Here is one angle view to share with you all…

The back panel with pipe flow for liquid cooling, nice fan mounting panel, the PSU is at the bottom and follows by the HDD bays.

The noiseless fan on side panel…

Back angle view…

This is how the inside looks like, with pretty big space for great ventilation and can support plenty of ODD bays. 🙂 From there you can see the front panel does have another fan mounting panel. It supports 12cm and 14cm fan. Definitely a great case.

Now comes the ODD mounting bracket, just twist it here and there, and locked.

The front panel with 4 usb ports, audio and mic jack…

The base stand which looked premium. It would be greater if you mod the stand with some LEDs.

The ODD bays and the front fan mounting panel.

And finally, let me show you clearly the fan mounting panel design..

Its awesome and totally cool. Imagine your gaming rigs is housed in this case, of course with few more moding on the lightings and color if you do like more stunning colors than black.

Cost how much? Well… roughly around (USD 120) Rp. 1.200.000. Yeah.. One Million Two Hundred Thousand Rupiah, without a PSU, and only the case.

5 thoughts on “iCute Super 18 High Tower Case Review”

  1. Hello, i’ve read your review, thanks, this is what i’m hunting now. Is there include the 14″ fan for back / front? Or is it only came with 25cm fan on the side? If I may ask ur opinion, Wich one is better, with large fan or see through acrylic panel? Love your idea bout put some led for the base stand. Where you bought it, and 1.2jt IDR, when was u bought it. thanks.

  2. Hi,

    It does not come with the front and back fan. Only the side 25cm fan. As for my own preference, I will choose the large fan which will give better ventilation. Although it might seems like the fan can be noisy, but indeed it is not. 1.2 million? Well, I sold it. 🙂 That was few weeks ago when Rupiah was not that weak. As for now, it could be more than that.

  3. Hello again, thanks fer reply.
    So, after those weeks, what’s your review again? i mean, any pros and cons? Have you mod it yet? thanks

  4. Hi,

    No more review for this case though. That’s my conclusion on the review and that far I go for this one. 🙂 And I don’t mod it ‘cos it is sold to a nice gentleman. The first person who bought iCute in this town. And soon there’s gonna be more.

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