Acer Aspire One Review

It might be late, but better than nothing. šŸ™‚ I have been wanting to find out how the Acer Aspire One able to steal everyone’s heart from Asus and MSI netbook. First, of course its on their pricing I would say. People here will always look for the good one, but the cheapest. Well, that does not apply to enthusiasts of course.

I’ve finally got my hands on the 4 GB SSD Acer Aspire One. While at it, all I can say is, I am pretty impressed with the black border by the LCD screen. Just like the new Mac series. Keyboard is just too small and not easy to type.

As for the click button on the touchpad, the location just does not feels right. Design wise, it is nice, sleek and eye catching with all the glossy surface.

For the heat problem, it is really hot and for the SSD option, it is not suggested to run Windows XP. It is just really slow. Its great that now it came with 160 GB HDD option which is way better.

After seeing through many netbooks, if size does not really matters to you, get the 10″ version, else if you really need a small one but sacrifice on the comfort of typing on smaller keyboards and smaller screen, you can get the 8.9″ version.

Feel like getting one for myself, but let’s wait and see how the Netbook market is growing; especially after Asus came out with their luxury S101 Netbook. MSI we want more…. show us quick on your updated technology. šŸ™‚

Stay tuned for more gadgets review with full pictures.

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