Sony VAIO VGN-CR323 Review

Some shots and short review of Sony VAIO VGN-CR323 with Intel Core Duo processor. As for the specs, I won’t be reviewing it, as for the price of it, you could get a Compaq Core 2 Duo laptop.

Quite heavy for its metal casing surrounding it, weight at about 2 Kg. It was surrounded metal case by the side, and it does brings on electric current through.

While installing this laptop myself, I got plenty of electric current flow to my fingers and got numb after using it for 1 hour. Its either bad grounding, or something else.

The keyboard layout is nice and spaced out JUST LIKE the new Macbook series and Macbook Air. Aren’t they look the same?

Screen is nice, and too bad for this version, it does not have glossy surface on the outer case.

Likewise, it is still favorable by some due to its quality perhaps? And the professional look for this particular laptop.

In Indonesia, having a Sony VAIO laptop tells that you are rich, especially if you are carrying a 12″ VAIO with you. But don’t get it mistaken, by having Macbook even makes you looked better. Although the price might be quite around VAIO.

Check out the rest of the pictures…

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