Asus Eee PC 901 Unboxing and Review

Got Asus Eee PC 901 a month back since its straight availability here. It may be already out there for sometimes, and its quite slow here in Indonesia. Finally, I can get my hands on it.



So, its size is superb. 8.9″ is really small for you to carry around conveniently. Can just slip it into my Crumpler Messenger bag compartment. Perfect. I feel like getting it for myself though. But no… its for sales. Sadly again, the people here in Dumai does not need this one specifically. People still look for a cheap PC, or a standard notebook for their daily computing needs.



There goes my stock of MSI Wind U100 Limited Edition and Asus Eee PC 901. It has been in the cupboard for sometimes.



So, after opening the box, you will see the free pouch given. Its really nice and classy.



And come the Eee-PC itself… in white color



The view of the keyboard layout and LCD, Webcam. Perfect for internet access everywhere and quick work.



The small power adapter, and it is white as well….. easy to lug it around on your messenger bag.



For every product, there is handbook for the cares and instructions. Pretty complete and it is design so neatly.



The 6 cells battery, it would have last you long enough for all your needy work while on the move.



The Driver CD and applications…. for recovery and later needs…



And for the cleaning, Asus does really care about their products. They compliment along a micro fiber cloth for your cleaning aids. 🙂



So, overall, it is a perfect companion for your traveling and work while on the move. Maybe, soon if no one lay their hands on it, it will be my companion. Deadline on the year end. 🙂

Price wise, it is reasonable, for this 12 GB SSD HDD, 1 GB RAM, Windows XP Home, they tagged it at Rp. 4.700.000 or about USD 500

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